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According to the World Bank, extreme low income household earns 1.9 USD

World Bank president Jim Yon Kin announced that the extreme poverty rate has been increased to 1.9 USD/per day. Previously, household considered extreme poverty when the income rate was 1.25 USD/ per day. This year, World Bank did survey on households income in many countries. According to the survey, World Bank is expecting that world’s extreme poverty rate would be less than 10 percent.  There are 702 million people who are living under extreme poverty line in 2015 and it will be 9.6 percent of total world population.  In 2012, this number was 902 million people and it would be 12.8 percent of total world population. World Bank study shows low income household is being decreased because of economic growth of developing countries. The education and health budget have been increasing as well as.