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Microfinance center, Poland

The Microfinance center (MFC) is large network that affiliated by 105 member organizations and plays enormous role to promote development of microfinance sector in Europe and Central Asia region. The center commenced its operation in Warsaw, September 1, 1997.  MFC members range from banks, non-governmental organizations, social and commercial investors, to development institutions and international private voluntary organizations.

MFC plays a catalyst role in bridging the market gap between dramatic unmet demand for microfinance services and the sector current offering through supporting development of a wide range of financial institutions, promoting microfinance among policy makers, regulators, formal banking sector and investors.

MFC provides financial supports to members in different country EU member states and the poorest countries in Central Asia.

The center’s goal is to contribute to poverty reduction and human potential development by promoting a socially oriented and sustainable microfinance sector that provides adequate financial and non-financial services to a large number of poor families and micro-entrepreneurs. Among the goal, the center provides microfinance highly qualified services with broad range of accessibility, and facilitates continual communications with microfinance institutions.  

MFDF became member of MFC in January, 2004 and have cooperated since then.

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