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Main activities

Sub-component I. Wholesale loan product to be on-lent to poor and low income individuals and households of remote rural areas through participating financial institutions:

  • Wholesale loan / Leasing loan
  • Term loan / Leasing loan
  • Non collateral loan /currently under testing/

On-lending financial institutions of MDF shall meet prudential ratios set by Bank of Mongolia and Financial Regulatory Commission and other requirements stated in Project Implementation Manual of MDF.

Sub-component II. Financial grant products targeted to provide additional services and to support microfinance sector:

  • Supporting, through competitive grant assistance to financial institutions which designed and launched financial sector innovations in product development, information technologies in favor of the poor, rural households;
  • Implementing, through media and press, sub programs in increase people’s financial education;
  • Creating information corner within the participating financial institutions and their branches and co-working with participating financial institutions by organizing distance learning trainings in order to increase financial education of people who live in remote rural areas;
  • Conducting surveys and studies in sphere of microfinance and providing technical assistance to financial institutions which operate in this field;
  • Organizing capacity building trainings targeted to increase professional skills of staffs who are working in participating financial institutions;
  • Introducing international best practices of microfinance. Within this activity expand our contact areas by closely working with international microfinance institutions.

Financial service

Nonfinancial service